Nov 26, 2010

By: Markco

Finding Sites to Comment On and How to Comment

Be a Social Blogger

Socializing with the community of your niche is key to developing relationships and in turn driving traffic to your website or blog. One way to socialize is to drop comments on other websites which feature a link to your site as well as helpful information with regards to the topic being discussed.

Commenting should not be something random that you do as an after thought in order to drive extra traffic. What's more, poor commenting actually damages your relationships in the niche you are trying so desperately to become an established member of. So keep in mind that you need to make good commenting a priority or else you shouldn't be commenting at all.

What does good commenting do for your site?

  • Gives a first impression of your site to the reader.
  • Helps build a relationship with the site owner and his or her readership.
  • Establishes your opinion on a subject.
  • Gives the reader an opportunity to visit your site.
The easiest way to comment and give a link to your site is to respond to the author's post with a fresh article or by linking to a past one. Do not flaunt the fact that you have an article related to the topic, but instead bring up the main point of your post within the comment and then site your link as additional reading material. Remember, the number one way to get someone to publish your comment is to add to their conversation. If you provide some value to the featured post then your comment will almost always end up getting published.

Detach yourself from the comment.

If you write a link that says "here is an article on the subject" instead of "here is my article on the subject" then the reader is more likely to click the link. The reason is psychological. Readers do not like to see you using another site as a soap box for proclaiming the glory that is your own site, and neither does the site owner. By making a comment that adds to the conversation and even points to a place to get additional information then you look much better than if you are writing to primarily get readers to click on your provided link. Readers need to feel like they have a choice, and in providing them a choice more will click than if you told them to visit your site for more info.

So how do you find sites to comment on?

This is actually far easier than you think! All you have to do is go to google blog search and type in the subject area you wish to comment on. Maybe you have an article on how to find sites to comment on, hehe, so you might want to type that into the search criteria and see who else has written on the topic. Then read their article(s) and see if you can add to the conversation there. Remember, you don't necessarily have to leave a link every time, you might want to leave a quick comment saying that you found the blog enjoyable and that you are excited for more articles. Then you can bookmark their site and come back to comment next week or next article and they will be more likely to publish your comment.

Blogrolls and Archives

Your search shouldn't end just because you found one article on one site. Leverage the new find by reading its blogroll and archives sections as well. You should be able to find additional sites and posts in your niche which will help you locate more topics to comment on. Don't overlook this strategy as many websites/blogs contain tons and tons of links to other sites in your niche.

Commenting on blogs is an art form, but the key concept is that you need to give the author something in return for your link, which in most cases is content that adds to the conversation.

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Lizzie said...

Very informative article, I really learned a lot from reading it. One of the things I find most intimidating is finding subjects to write on. I have an idea for a short story blog, that would feature a different short thriller every week. Is this something you think has possibilities? This is just one of the many ideas I have for blogging.

Markco said...

Pick a topic you are passionate about Lizzie and is something you can write on and on and on about even when you don't want to!

Games said...

The information you provided is amazing. I am gonna use the method you provided above. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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Idrus said...

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