Jan 24, 2011

By: Markco

You're Not Ready to Sell Online

Here are the steps you can take in order to become ready for selling products online.

Sell to one person before you sell to many.

If you can't learn to have a one on one discussion with someone in order to sell your product, then how could you possibly do it with mass media such as blogging? The key to selling is listening, so learn to do this one on one before you try it with a crowd.

Show up and look good.

First impressions are the most important ones. Showing up and looking good is about having a consistent brand, day in and day out. Remind people in social media, content creation and every interaction you have online about your brand through action but don't actually tell people "here is my brand and it's about XYZ." Your brand should stand on its own two feet and make you look great.

Develop relationship of trust and dependability.

Developing a relationship with your audience based on trust and dependability is all about delivering on promises and not just making them. Do you write content on a scheduled basis? Do you make sure to respond to requests within a reasonable time period? Being responsible on a consistent basis will build trust with your audience and they will come to depend on your advice daily.

Remove fears.

A buyer will not buy when fear is in the way of other emotions like excitement and joy. Get rid of the fear by relying on your previous relationship development and trust building activities. Coax people out of the fearful mindset and site your consistent delivery of information. This is the old 'I've not steered you wrong yet, why  would I now' technique. It works if it's honestly done and if it's not well your audience will smell right through your pitch.


Once people trust you, realize you are an expert and come to depend on you for advice then you are ready to sell to them. Don't be bashful about selling, these people want you to sell to them!

Follow up on promises.

When you sell something you are pitching a solution to someone's problem. Your job after the sale is to make sure you deliver on your promises and get feedback to check in on your buyers.

Sell more.

Keeping track of how your buyers feel and whether you can improve your products on the fly is the key to maintaining loyalty and selling additional items to repeat buyers. Follow up on those promises and this part is easy. Remember, people want to be sold to once they like you.

Promote sharing of products.

Do joint venture promotions with other products in your niche and cross-sell them. Offer to sell their product to your list in exchange for them selling yours on theirs. Find products that fit well for both audiences so as not to offend your list of previous buyers.

Promote selling of products by affiliates.

Once you have a successful product for your own audience, you should also look into turning some of your buyers into affiliates (if possible). You can also talk to major affiliates in your niche and pitch your product or service to them.


You've got the system down, now go repeat it! Get noticed, build trust, remove fear, sell!

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