Mar 15, 2011

By: Markco

Psychological Trick to Improve Conversions

I came up with a psychological trick I'd like to try in the future. Let's see how it makes you feel when you read it:

(My Secret to Making Money Online Without...

The above is not a link but pretend it was, would you click it? Notice the parenthesis that is missing at the end?

I know this seems crazy stupid, but I think that this would actually improve conversions. Why? Because people like a sentence to be complete! Not having the parenthesis, not finishing the sentence and adding the triple dot are all intended to make your mind want to finish the sentence.

What do you think? Feel free to call me insane, (You're probably right...

*que woody woodpecker laugh*

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Arbitrage Betting said...

It worked on me, I assumed the link was an actual link and tried to click it. But I was expecting the end result to be related to what the trick was. So if you took me to a clickbank product sales page, I would have just shut the window. But if it was a page offering more value I would have been hooked. Could be a good technique where you want to get them off the site e.g. articles submitted to EZA, Articlesbase etc.

Markco said...

I agree, definitely something to try on EZA, if they let you do it in the first place with all their new changes.

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