Apr 12, 2011

By: Markco

Explosive Backlink Building Strategy

Backlinks Done Right are Crucial

A backlink is nothing more than some website linking to you in any way, shape or form. Many services offer you thousands of backlinks for cheap but, unfortunately for buyers of these services, backlinks are something you should never ever pay for because if done incorrectly they greatly devalue your website’s google ranking. These backlinks are, in essence, relationships and they are crucial to building your credibility online as well as establishing your google ranking. No amount of on page SEO can compare to the benefits of a handful of quality backlinks. However, we’re not going for a handful of links with the Explosive Backlink Building Strategy, instead, we’re going for the whole sha-bang!

What I’m going to teach you to do today is to build backlinks naturally through a combination of great content, timely promotion and finally well-tuned relationship building skills. I call this process my Explosive Backlink Building Strategy and, in order to participate, you are going to need to start making some dynamite content!

Keep in mind that the principle premise behind this strategy is earning backlinks, not necessarily "making" them through leaving links in comments or other forms of media. No, the point of this strategy is to make content worthy of being explored and distributed among the masses. This is because the backlinks you need and the backlinks you want are natural, viral things.

Step One: Build the Dynamite

Some examples of classic “dynamite” are...

Dynamite content is useful information that is explosive and just waiting to be thrown. At its core it is timely, informative, easy to share and it has an imperative call to action. There are many ways to build this style of content, just make sure that you do a thorough and accurate job in representing the information to your audience as well as making sure that your readers will actually get something out of absorbing or even sharing the dynamite content. Make it red hot stuff that people will immediately want to discuss and you will have the perfect piece of dynamite.

Step 2: Light the Fuse

After carefully placing your dynamite content and putting the effort into ensuring that you’ve done an accurate and thorough job presenting the information involved, it is now time to light the fuse. This is the hardest area for most people with regards to the Explosive Backlink Building Strategy. Why is it so hard? Due to the fact that we as human beings are terrible salesmen and women, we focus too much on selling our product instead of selling the benefits of our product. Make your titles, social media links and other means of lighting your dynamite's fuse focus on what benefits people can obtain from reading your information or watching your video online.

Once lit, your information will have to then stand on its own two feet.

Step 3: Sort through the Rubble

Here's where even the best of us tend to fail. We write explosive content that gets passed around like crazy and yet we fail to capture all the potential leads created from such an exercise. Nowadays, not only do I create a call to action which involves a part of my site, but I also have lead capturing products ready to get the email and name of anyone interested in what I have to say. I am, of course, talking about my Aweber autoresponder. This autoresponder not only allows me to capture the leads, but it also allows me to have a conversation, build a relationship and ask for feedback from them.

The end result from creating, promoting and using the Explosive Backlink Building Strategy should be high quality, natural back links and a host of new readers. These backlinks will drastically improve your SEO and hopefully make you money as well! Be sure to put effort into every stage of the process or else you will simply be wasting your time.

Ready to throw some dynamite? Have you used a similar strategy before? What's your strategy?

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Godstempel said...

Thank You my brother for this highly valuable information. This is truly a great post!

Markco said...

Thank you very much Godstempel, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Gail Gardner said...

Thanks for sending me the link to this post, Chris. I will share it as soon as I leave this comment.

Many bloggers are underestimating the value of collaborating with other blogs in their niche. The best incoming link is from a site with similar quality and highly related content. Many paid link builders seek links anywhere instead of on related sites. That is not nearly as effective.

Since there are plenty of sites around there is no reason to be building non-relevant links. Focus on sites related to your own. Every blogger should be actively seeking to find at least four other blogs in their niche.

I encourage them to then share amongst each other what they know about EVERYTHING. That is the fast path to success. I am always happy to answer questions and provide links to tips written by my favorite bloggers.

Chris, do you find that using Blogger instead of WordPress limits your success? That is what I have always heard, but having never used Blogger I have no direct experience with that.

I do know that many bloggers I collaborate with originally started on Blogger and then moved to WordPress. Have you considered adding CommentLuv? I know it is possible and I really miss it when I comment in a blog that doesn't have it.

datastage said...

thanks for great tips . I m really wondering how to get more relevant traffic to my blog


The Gold Queen said...

Love this post, Chris. Love the metaphors, bullet points and longer text for more information. Link this up as a perfect way of formating a blog post. Plus I bet it looks nice in SEO and on other devices due to the consistency.

Markco said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. I'll try to get more posts out with this format since it was so well received.

Gail I totally agree with you on the comment luv and getting into wordpress instead of blogger. I need to look into changing the entire site, and I'd like to do so with wordpress instead of blogger.

Tereza Ullinovich said...

Thanks for the great tips.

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