May 18, 2011

By: Markco

How to Prevent Blah Blah Blogging

Blah. Filler. Fluff. Etc.

These are the things you don't want your blog to be made of! When you're having an off day and feel the monster we call writer's block rearing its ugly head, then it's time to spice things up and get creative.

It has been scientifically proven (it hasn't) that creative thinking and removing yourself from your current situation will remove writer's block. So how do you do this effectively and still write a great post in a timely fashion?

Take a Lap around the Blogosphere

If you don't have a blog roll, or even if you do, consider taking a lap around the blogosphere in your niche. Go to google blog search or scan your blog roll and read what other bloggers are writing in your niche. Read the big blogs, read the small blogs and find the information you need to fuel your creative fires. While reading these posts, think about what you could add to the conversation and if it's worth writing then create the post and leave a comment on the site stating that you had more to say at your blog.

Leave the Computer

Getting ideas from places offline can often lead to amazing articles you never would have known you were capable of writing because you opted to stay in the basement for eight hours staring at your white screen. Building up life experiences, maintaining healthy relationships and being social all leads to fuel for your creative fires.

Write for Someone in Particular

Make sure that with whatever you do end up writing that it is something worth reading for a particular type of person. Create this person in your head and think of how they would react to the post. Would they find it the solution to their problems or the most boring thing they ever saw in their lives online?

If you're fresh out of ideas, consider these 101 ways to motivate your blogging!

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marketsharebutton said...

Stephen King used to write with his wife in mind as the reader. It worked well for him. :-)

Markco said...

That's a really good idea, writing to someone very close to you. I like it!

Andrew @ Blogging Guide said...

Great post. It is really important to think of a target when writing. Because that will serve as your guide in coming up with an effective and favorable output.

Karen Lange said...

Ideas are everywhere; we just need to harness them. I know getting away from my computer really helps. Thanks for the great tips!

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