Sep 8, 2011

By: Markco

What to Tweet to Get More Followers

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In 24 hours I grew my twitter following by 80 members. In 48 hours I grew it by an additional 100 with the same amount of work. By 72 hours, I was up over 300 new followers. I thought to myself, how far can I push this? How many followers can I get in a week? Amazingly, these were not spam bots following me, but real people. Furthermore, I didn’t use any fancy automated tools, just the Twitter standard website.

Pretty soon I began to realize that I was uncovering a secret, yet incredibly simple, method for increasing the number of people following me on Twitter. I had discovered what to Tweet to get more followers and grow my Twitter account exponentially.

Surprisingly enough, the vast majority of my tweets were NOT written about me. What’s more, I rarely, if ever, linked to my own content. Yet my twitter account made up over 50% of my incoming traffic and 80% of new traffic for my product’s website during the week I began this new system.

I was Tweeting exactly what people wanted to read, and believe it or not, it wasn't me or my website. My followers wanted to read what I found interesting on the internet both in and around my niche. In some cases it was me, but 99% of the time it was what I found outside of my own activities.

The Value of Followers

To some writers and internet marketers, Twitter followers aren’t valuable. They are seen as spam bots and mindless fans incapable of growing your business or earning you an income online. However, I knew what to Tweet in order to draw the right people into my circle of influence and increase my business. Even before I was successful with drawing new followers to my Twitter account, I understood the importance of each Twitter follower to my business. It wasn’t long before I was selling more books, recommending affiliate services and securing more clients thanks to my efforts towards growing my Twitter following.

Simplicity of Twitter

Twitter is a website focused on promoting communication in the simplest way possible. In following this mantra, Twitter itself has never strayed away from being nothing more than a 140 character connection between writers and followers.  Other websites have evolved around Twitter to increase the number of followers, add images, and automate your Tweets, but Twitter has never changed to encompass these numerous advancements. Truth is, these additional features were not advancements but rather detriments to the purity and simplicity of Twitter.

Why should the secret to Twitter success be complicated or require an expensive system to master? That just wouldn’t make sense. It’s not like Twitter is a complicated social website that takes hours upon hours to learn. The truth is that the secret of what to Tweet to get more followers isn’t hard to learn or time consuming. My system for what to tweet to get more followers is as easy to learn as tying your shoes.

My 10 Methods

I have developed 10 simple ways to Tweet in order to grow my followers exponentially. Not only do I provide you with these 10 sure fire ways to get more followers, but I also incorporate them all into a system that allows you to expand your Twitter following indefinitely, starting today with your next Tweet. As an added bonus, I’ve also included my thoughts on what to do with all these new Twitter followers and how they can each help to improve your bottom line.

  1. Follow everyone your followers mention, link to or Retweet
  2. Retweet amazing articles that others have written
  3. Follow anyone who Retweets your Tweets
  4. Tweet @ Questions
  5. Tweet pithy quotes for situations, be humorous and uplifting
  6. Answer questions, offer your experiences as options or solutions
  7. Recommend people to follow each other 
  8. Ask for others to Retweet groups of people you are following
  9. Ask for others to Retweet your very best information
  10. Use already existing Hashtags in every tweet if possible

Put This System to Use Today

Before you even begin, you need to make sure that you have a description, a site link and an image for your Twitter account. Without these three things your efforts will simply be for fun and not aimed at improving your business.

Methods #1 - #3

Don’t limit who you follow. That’s right, follow as many people as you can that your followers recommend. If you are starting from scratch, then you should follow anyone who you find when initially searching on Twitter for people tweeting about your niche. Go from there by following everyone these people link to, tweet about or mention in any way. Due to the fact that so many people use auto-follow, you’ll soon find that your list of followers is quickly growing from this method alone. Now you have to keep them as your followers, so start tweeting interesting things that you read in your Twitter feed. After this is done, continue following the recommendations of others as well as checking for people who have Retweeted your own Tweets. Follow anyone who you find is Retweeting your work.

Methods #4 - #6

Speak about yourself as little as possible, unless of course someone asks you a direct question. When interacting with other Twitter users initially (everyone you know should be at least followed by you or one of your followers), make use of the @ symbol to mention them and ask questions, give pithy quotes relevant to the conversation or even offer answers to their problems. Always be willing to offer your personal experience as an alternative or explanation to their questions.

Method #7

Being the social butterfly will allow you to spot people who should probably be following each other. Even if they are, tweet @ both of them and recommend each person to one another. This is surprisingly one of the best ways I’ve found to grow your following. I guess people really respect someone with the social brokering power to recommend one follower to another. It really makes you stick out as a leader in the social community and nowhere near enough people try to do this.

Methods #8 - #10

Asking for Retweets is not something you want to do often. Why? Because if you’re following this method correctly then people are naturally going to look at your website on their own in the process of following you. You won’t need to ask them to Retweet unless you do a poor job with your own site (that’s something this tutorial cannot fix anyway). When you do ask for a Retweet, besides earlier when you recommend the links of others, it should be to either your very best work that will directly help your followers or to display a group of people that are in some way related to one another. Perhaps they are a group of dog lovers that you are following. If that’s the case, then you should also include a hashtag for #doglovers. When you’re finished it should look something like this: “RT: I’m following these #doglovers @doglover1, @doglover2, @doglover3.”

True Value of Followers

Like I said, these followers were increasing my revenue and hits almost instantly. However, they also provided something very special that simply cannot be measured… Networking opportunities. These included new people to guest post for, exposure to new products to sell my audiences, ideas from people not in my niche that could still prove useful, and so much more. Twitter is networking made simple and the possibilities are near limitless. It’s really up to you what you do with all these new opportunities for growth and chances to meet new people.

Twitter Feeder 2

Over time I learned to automate the processes I've talked about in this post. Within a month of fine tuning this new system, I managed to get 10,000 followers. That's right, 10,000 followers in just 30 days. If you want to repeat my success and also learn how to make money from having a large following on Twitter, definitely try out Twitter Feeder 2. It is my custom, homemade strategy for what to tweet to get more followers and how to automate the process. Try Twitter Feeder 2 right away to see the results for yourself! You'll also receive weeks of extra information straight to your inbox on a daily basis for signing up today.

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Gail Gardner said...

These tips WILL definitely work. Another good strategy is to follow the Twitter users who follow bloggers whose blogs are most like yours. That works better than anything else especially if that blogger is social media savvy and their blog is social media or Internet marketing related.

Lordtechy said...

All the methods work I now have 450 followers.
Follow techlord on Twitter.

romblonwriter said...

Thank you for this, I have been trying to find a way to increase my traffic. Sadly, I have been stuck to about 50 page viewers each day. I know I have good contents in my blog, but good contents do not necessarily increase your traffic, although the signs that it is increasing is there. But how long will it take. I have been blogging for more than five months now and my traffic just slightly rose. in case you are interest to visit my site Salt of Life the link is My blog is about religion, philosophy and science written in simple prose and applied to our day-to-day existence.

artisticexpose said...

While most of these methods will more than likely help, you clearly have mistaken "w h a t to tweet for what you really are talking about which is vaguely "getting more followers. " now, I spaced out the word "what" in my statement above for an obvious reason I don't want more people coming here in search of what I things to include in a tweet. I say this because more than half of your methods only help in gaining followers with no help in what to actually say in a t w e e t.

huda said...

i have done this too for my blogs followers but none of one is effective for this purpose i have 111 followers on twitter of this blog but none are following on my real blog :( i am too much disappointed have a look on my blog

mflickz said...

These method works...

MissDee said...
hello im tryin this right now. follow my blog and twitter @deeunc0nscious

Ben Norman said...


I like the look of your suggestions in this post but am intrigued as to how you use Twitter when following so many people? I started along these lines before and found that the amount of people I was following meant that I kept missing posts I was really interested in in my timeline. Do you simply use lists so you can check posts from people you are particularly interested in?

Markco said...

Hi Ben, Have you tried tweetdeck to manage your "whitelist"?

Smart Investor said...

I learned from Peter Garety that it is valuable to follow those who are related in our niche or business. With the evolving and unpredictable Panda update, relevance will certainly help bring sweet success in engaging the social media, getting the traffic and growing the business.

Zach @TruthInMarketing said...

Hey Markco.

This is definitely some great stuff. I'm about to try out this method to see if it works. I may even be interested in purchasing your Twitter guide if this method brings me some success.

Thanks for the advice, and keep up the good work! said...

My suggestion is to constantly tweet about what you’re doing. Nobody will follow you if your Twitter stream is lying static so make sure you constantly update it, every 15 minutes if possible. If you’re not doing anything interesting, talk about the food you’re eating, what you’re watching on TV or who you’re talking to and meeting e.g. “Eating sushi with @myfriend while watching Family Guy”. thanks !~ Nancy P.

Ewa Oayo said...

This is a great post. I have struggled to know what to put out on Twitter, as I don’t think my everyday life would do anything but bore people to tears…so have been going with quotes, several of which have been retweeted…but I also don’t think inspirational quotes are the ticket all the time either…I think it needs to be shaken up a bit and I love the idea of using humour and causing curiosity. Thank-you for this! I'd like to peer more post on this. Check this out get american twitter followers I've already tried it. This is very helpful. Thanks and God Bless!

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