Apr 2, 2012

By: Markco

Aweber Security Tip: How to Get a PO BOX

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I've been using Aweber for years, but something that a new person might not realize is that just like every other place on the internet, your security and safety should be a priority. With Aweber, you must specify an address that you own to comply with anti-spam regulations. Unless you own a PO Box, you have to submit your billing address. This is a huge security risk to yourself and your family, as now your real address is on every single email you send out. What's stopping some crazy person from finding out where you live? Let's fix this issue right now, OK?

FYI: I only know how to do this in the united states, but I'm sure that the procedure is similar in other places around the world.

Step 1: Go look up a PO-BOX near you. I suggest knowing the address of a local one and putting it in the search criteria for the official post office site.

Step 2: Once you select your PO-BOX, purchase the cheapest one. You may want to consider finding multiple nearby post offices to find the best deals. Yes, there can be as much as a $25 difference between offices, so it's worth it to shop around and maybe drive an extra mile or two later on.

Step 3: Print out your receipt and form. You do not need to fill out any information on this form as it is already prepared for the post office clerk.

Step 4: Call the post office and get their hours of operation.

Step 5: Arrive at least 15 minutes before the post office closes. Hand your information to the clerk and they will give you several important pieces of information: A. Your Address, B. Your Key, and C. Your Locker Number. Write it all down on your smart phone, on a note, or wherever you need to that you won't lose.

Step 6: Check that your key actually works. Take out any welcome papers or cardboard (yes they like to put a piece of cardboard in your box or some other placeholder in there).

Step 7: In your aweber account, go to My Lists and List Settings (You will have to repeat these steps for each list you own).

Step 8: At the bottom of your contact information you will find a small "Edit" link next to whatever address you have currently. Click there and type in your new PO BOX as shown in the image below.

That's it! You now have a working PO BOX and no crazies will know your real address. If you get an email from AWEBER warning you that your address was not acceptable then you entered your information incorrectly. Call up the post office and double check your information, then try entering it as I have in this format:


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