Jul 3, 2012

By: Markco

How I Launched Another $10,000 Product

What could possibly keep me away from this blog for over a month? Better be a good reason, right? I have great news: it is a really good reason.

Here are some screenshots for my newest website, Diablo 3 Gold Guide. And here is the corresponding product, Diablo 3 Gold Secrets.

Feedburner Stats
Traffic Stats
Pageview Stats
This is by far the most successful product I have ever launched, even beating out my 20k Leveling Guide that made $10,000 in the first month. Today I'd like to talk about why it was so ridiculously successful, as well as how you can mimic my success.

6 Months of Preparation Building Relationships

I used a variety of techniques to build up an online presence 6 months prior to the product's launch. All of them can be found in my relationship building ebook: The Why People Course. Very few people have taken the time to read that volume, but those that have understand just how powerful the advice is. If you look at my success with this new launch, you can see just how powerful building relationships is to your own success. I always think of the Two Hour Blogger, who read The Why People Course and was inspired to build relationships with blogging stars like Brian Clark and Seth Godin.

Most people create products by hiring a product creator, designer, and pitch writer. They are just marketers and sometimes they even hire someone to do that for them as well. My model is different. I build relationships with as many people as possible, including my own customers, in order to branch out and expand my product's audience. You make quite a few friends as well, which is an awesome bonus! By doing this, I understand the niche entirely, and am therefore able to create a remarkably useful product for a wider audience than other marketers.

Building relationships doesn't necessarily mean that you become best buddies who invite each other over for dinner. It does however mean that you talk and plan things out with people other than outsourced drones. For 6 months I did this, and as a result I ranked #1 on google for "Diablo 3 Gold Guide" and many other searches. Even today, many months later, I have #1 google search terms for random things that I wrote so long ago. Each post is just one more opportunity to show off my blog and product.

Another cool aspect of building relationships so early was that I managed to get into the "circle" of product and website builders preparing for Diablo 3. Some of these people created really great products, and we exchanged links to increase our sales even further.

Exploding Subscription Rate

Every day I've been getting 30 - 60 people signed up on my autoresponder. That's absurdly better than any other mailing list I've ever created! What's more, I seem to be on track to beat out my last record for 10,000 subscribers in 6 months. If you sign up as a subscriber to The Traffic Blogger, then you will have access to a very simple strategy guide to doing exactly what I did on my Diablo 3 blog.

What Made This Product Successful?

I have a different mindset than other marketers. I create products that last for much longer than the initial hype and craze surrounding a launch. While other products spiked at 150+ gravity on clickbank before slowly dropping down to sub 30 gravity, mine has remained above 50 gravity for over two months. This is appealing to long term affiliates, and I've been working hard to get on lists of as many of these great marketers as possible.

Hand crafted, constantly updated guides are what I'm focused on creating right now. I'm so focused, in fact, that I've pretty much given up on updating The Traffic Blogger until things slow down. But rest assured, I will have lessons learned and more information over time for you to absorb.

If you want to learn to think like me and build products that last for YEARS and make buyers extremely happy, then start off with The Why People Course. Also consider Black Sheep if you want to further explore how I think as a marketer. Both products are currently at ridiculously low prices.

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Sean King said...

Hey Markco,

Just discovered your site but I like what I see. It's always so cool to see people making money online in their own unique ways.

Congrats man,

Markco said...

Nice to meet you Sean, thanks!

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