May 4, 2013

By: Markco

I Need Inexpensive Web Hosting Providers

Thanks for visiting The Traffic Blogger today. I'm assuming you came here because you need help with your website and don't want to pay too much to get started. Well then, I have a pretty amazing choice for you! Here are the two cheapest domain and website hosting providers on the web today.

Picking a Web Hosting Company:


Which Inexpensive Hosting Company is the Better Choice?

So what's the difference between these two products? Hostgator is better if you only want one website, but Bluehost is great for cheaply expanding to additional sites. When I started blogging, I used Hostgator because it was the cheapest deal on the market. But I quickly realized that I wanted to create product websites, forums, and other tools for my audience on completely different domains. Bluehost is now my preferred web hosting company because of how easy it is to add new domains to your account. Only you know what's best for you, but luckily the price is not exactly astronomically different (Just $3)!

I find both to be an amazingly cheap way to get your website or blog started. If you need help setting up your site, I would be happy to show you how, FOR FREE. That's right, if you purchase either of these hosting providers today, then I will walk you through the setup process via email or skype. I can also send you links to helpful videos and/or tutorials if you'd rather go it alone.

Here's my email if you need anything: chris AT thetrafficblogger DOT com

(My email is broken up to prevent spam from web robots. You would replace the AT with @ and the DOT with . to successfully email me.)

You can also find all the information you need to kick butt with your website in my site guide. For example, if you want to start building a list or sell something on your website, I definitely have tutorials and blog articles galore waiting for you. Maybe you just want lots of traffic... well it isn't called "The Traffic Blogger" for nothing, haha.

Welcome to The Traffic Blogger!

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