Jun 22, 2013

By: Markco

3 Great Myths About Your List

I have never been to your website, but you know what’s interesting? I already know the most important part of it, even if it doesn’t exist there yet. For years, I have had trouble convincing people of just how amazing life can be with a list.

My Own Mother Didn’t Believe Me About Lists.

It’s true, my own mother did not believe me and eventually quit her blog. Perhaps you’ve heard of a list, and maybe you haven’t. If this topic bores you already, then hopefully these numbers will convince you to keep reading:

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·         Made $10,000 During First Month From a Different, But Brand New Blog [BlogcastFM]
·         Soared From 2,000 to 10,000 Subscribers in 6 Months [BlogcastFM]

But you’ve seen numbers like this before, haven’t you? Empty promises of what you could be if you were someone else. Your doubt stems from a complete lack of understanding. Allow me to enlighten you, which is far more valuable to you than just pointing at the glorious possibilities of list building.
The better you understand lists, the more compelled you will be to start one. Today.

Myth #1: Collecting emails won’t help me. I already have Feedburner.

First off, your list is not just a collection of emails. Instead, this blogging Holy Grail is THE collection of your most interested customers and followers. These are the movers and shakers who will spread your content when asked, buy your products, and converse with you about your subject. They are greatly interested in your thoughts and therefore your blog is not enough to satiate their hunger for new information.

To not have a list is to ignore the needs of your readers.

Pigging backing on the concept of your list being more than customer information, it should also have an automatic system that sends out a series of emails after someone signs up. That way your list has moving parts instead of just being a collection of data.

Second, your list is the lifeline between you and your most valuable clientele. At any moment you can instantly email them, but at the same time, they have a method for contacting you! If you want to contact them now, what do you do? Write a blog post? That’s clumsy at best and not real time.
Third, if you use an email broadcast where you send out blog posts (perhaps weekly, daily, or monthly) then your list will be counted on feedburner.

Myth #2: A List is Set and Forget Money Making

No, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and I think it is where people screw up the most with list building. The best list builders have some active component to their lists, such as weekly links to other websites. This keeps people subscribed to the list because there is reliable, consistent content that they look forward to and recommend to others.

When people email you in response to your autoresponder emails, this is an opportunity for you to shine. While the autoresponder email was indeed automatic, your response will convince people that you care about them. This is the most important part of the list.

Emailing people back when they respond to automatic messages is the most important part of list building. Read that sentence again. It’s important.

One thing I like to do is have an automatic email that asks people how they’re doing, which usually comes out around day 8. I respond to every email I get in response, within 24 hours if not sooner.

Myth #3: I Need to Offer Free EBooks to Build My List

Wrong again. The best way to build a list is to offer a series of emails, such as “7 Ways to Lose Weight” or “My Top Ten Methods for Making Model Choo-Choo Trains.” By offering a series of emails, you achieve several things all at once. For starters, you don’t have to write these more than once for the thousands of people who join your website, because it’s automated. That is called scaling of your business! You also can automatically send these emails over the course of many days, which will keep people very interested in your emails for an extended period of time. The longer someone looks forward to your emails, the more trust you build with them. By the time you recommend a product you honestly believe will improve their lives, they skip your explanations and just purchase it on the spot.

People don’t want to “subscribe,” they want to learn. EBooks are a boring way to learn.

You know who else uses an email series to build their list? Copyblogger! They are one of the few sites I’ve seen adopt this method. This is such a great alternative to free ebooks because those downloads are daunting to read, often boring, and could contain viruses.

What Did These 3 Myths Teach You Today?

  • 1.       People want to be on your list.
  • 2.       Your customers enjoy listening to and potentially conversing with you.
  • 3.       EBooks are a terrible way to build your list.

To help you with building your list, write autoresponder emails, and conquer technical hurdles, I have included a free aweber crash course which you can open in your browser, no download required. Even if you already have a list, perhaps my ideas will help you to enhance the one you already own.

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Thanks for reading! Did you see my books I have written on making money online?


Gugulethu said...

I totally agree that creating a series works well to stay in touch with your list. I always use a 7 day video bootcamp it works better than ebooks but I still do ebooks as well :D and if you have an online business but not building a list then you're leaving a lot of money on the table.

A list is a database, you can contact or promote to them whenever you want. When you have a list of thousands of people that's when this online stuff becomes easy, fun and you get to make real cash.

I see a lot of bloggers having banners that go straight to an affiliate link. That way you'll need a lot of traffic to make sales. Instead, send them to a squeeze page then send them to the affiliate link and have a follow up series related to the product. You'll usually make a sale on the 3rd email, some times it may even take 6 to 8 emails of the same thing for them to buy.

The money is in the list, Period!

# Myths busted hehe... great post, Thnx!!!!

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